Sunday, October 9, 2011

A letter for the visit to the technological developed place

Dear and Respected Sir,
Thanking you a lot sir, as we have got a great Nepalese like you for developing wireless in remote mountain village of Nangi into the computer era.
Sir, we the students of Nobel College with program of BCIS (Bachelor in Computer Information System) are very interested to know about the wireless implementation in those rural areas thus we have decided to visit the Nangi area and study about the wireless technology with you and your creation. Thus, we have written this e-mail to you for requesting you to let us learn the wireless technology in your village.
Likewise, we can help you to broaden the wireless technologies also. But what we need from the educational tour is that you will help us learn the technologies what you are using as well as we will share our views and known technologies and knowledge that can be used or anything that we have knowledge.
Our Package Style
Team Member
6 students
Days that we will spend with you
4 days (total)
Lectures by you
1 day
Socialization with the equipment and society
1 day
Tools and techniques that are implemented
1 day
Our sharing with you
1 day
Back to our study

We can also make you that what we have found in the field and can provide suggestion and help if and only if you wish.
At last what we are sure that you will provide good response to it.
Hope that you will help us to learn technologies and help us to broaden our mind.
Name of student: