Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coupon Management in the Candid Site

Work I have Done on 2011-03-31
I have completed the coupon management.
You can check the coupon management and the active code is 1111 which will deduce the $10 from the total amount.

Started to work in the CSV of DGC.

What i have learnt today??
Easiest way to integrate coupon code in the opencart

In the controller
            $coupon_price= $this->model_checkout_coupon->getCouponPrice($this->session->data['coupon']);
            $this->data['coupon_price'] = $coupon_price;
 In the model
public function getCouponPrice($data){

        $coupon_product_query = $this->db->query("SELECT * FROM " . DB_PREFIX . "coupon WHERE code = '" .$data . "'");
        return $coupon_product_query->row;;
By this you will be easily get the coupon checked in the opencart and be able to apply the coupon code in the opencart. Now i have started to work in the CSV management

CSV stands for Comma Separated Value.
The easiest way to export the data in the database which is in the excel sheet.

What i have found from this video is that we have to buy the module for $22 to $30 so if you want to buy then only watch this video
Csv Import Pro Video, Opencart CSV import/export video tutorial

Started to work in DGC Pack 2011-03-21

Files are uploaded in the FTP now www.dgcpack.com is online

To visit the admin section www.dgcpack.com/admin and the user name is admin  and password is admin123

Some problems in understanding:

What about Estimate Shipping in the cart

I have not entered to the shipping and payment section I also want the details of them

Likewise how do I display the price of the product and how are they managed in the backend.

Hope I get the reviews .

Thanking You

What i have done in 2011-03-06

Candid shipping and tax information is done as you say. Have a look on it.

Questions in DGC:
Whether there are categories of products or not?

Do we have only two pricing system or more pricing system?

This shows for both customer or only for business customers
List Price:$18.75
Our Price:$16.75
You Save: $2

Thanking You,

Banner management in the back end is done

I have studied the flow about the site and you have no options for the shipping methods

Likewise there is no options of choosing payment methods

I have discussed with the senior and find that if we kept the credit card information in our site then the customers may feel insecure to pay through the site.

If we go through the flow of the site as we have seen previously then there will be more options than the one you are proposing.

Hop you will understand the problems

Thanking you

What i have done on


Today I have almost complete the design of the pink site and its flow is as the black site.

Sir I would like to know that whether the registered customer  is solely different from each site or the one who registered in one can login into other site also.

There are errors in the left bar and image of product details.

These errors will be solved when I know whether the registered customer is sole to the site or can use both with one user name and password.


account login pages and search page's design is integrated.
Product enlarging is done in the product details page
Image Uploading in the user section of the pink site
and other design and flow issues are debugged and solved

Regarding for the color attribute:

Check it:

There are color and other attributes that are managed from the back end. Check it out if you like it let me know.

The way you say is quite tedious and time consuming. You have to insert the product with the same name for each color combination and the content.

The way in the above link is quite easy and can be managed from the back end easily.

Thanking You


Today I have done the backend processing of the image- attribute linking and the options-image uploading

Take a look
Log in to the administrator with the username(admin ) and password(admin123)

Then Catalog>>Product Attributes Picture

Or in the link

The requirement will may be fulfilled by tomorrow.

Thanking You

The product info page is completed on both the pink and black site and the slideshow is also complete in the pink site

I am waiting for the other updates if any

I am also debugging  and searching for the issue if any

Thanking You 

Special Pages are done in both sites

My WishList pages is complete
Product to wish list can be added from the product details pages.

Wish list is completed in both the site

There is some design issue in pink site I will solve it on sunday

Thanking You