Friday, May 13, 2011

हाम्रा राजेश दाइ कमका छैन ... Have fun with the jokes of nepali super star

राजेश दाइका हाश्य लेखहरु
nepal ma loadshedding kina bhaira6 bhaneko ta , hamro rajesh dai le mobile charge garera po rahe6..........

"Tshovit Khanal"
rajesh dai ko cell ta khatra raicha charge garna 10~18hrs lagdo raicha:-P
The Managers of Madame Tussaud's wax museum removed Rajesh Hamal's statue from there coz it melted the rest of em..he was freakin hot !!! they ended up remaking all the other ones !!

"Anisha Shakya"
Rajesh Dai was taking the most difficult exam. The professor gave 150 questions and asked him to choose 100 questions and answer them. Guess what Rajesh Dai did.. He answered all 150 questions and asked professor to choose 100 and grade them....

"Rajesh Wagle"
Once Rajnikant was chasing some gangster......but they escaped from him......Rajnikant angrily said,"Rascalla....you can run away from me, but I'll see how will you escape from Rajesh Dai......Mind it."

"Hemanta Balami"
Nepal is running out of Iron ! Rajesh dai is making too many enemies lately !!! uff his "falam ko haat" !!!
once valentina rossi challenged to rajesh dai for bike race....
Dont even try to guess what happen......

Rajesh dai won da race on neutral gear.
rajesh dai le michael jackson lai dance ma harayera michael jackson ko heartfelt vayera moreko ho re!

"Jack Dawson"
On rajesh dai's b'day instead of blowing out candels he blew out the sun
reason for earth`s rotation is rajesh dai walking
Ek din rajesh hamal sutirako belama naak bhitra kamila chirecha ani rajesh dai le k ek patak sneeze gardeko ta pakistan pugera osama bin laden lai lagecha..
n result
osama is dead!!!!
rajesh dai used to beat the shit out of his shadow because it was following to close. It now stands a safe 30 feet behind him.
rajesh dai secretly sleeps with every woman in the world once a month. They bleed for a week as a result.
When RAJESH dai says "heyyy" when he is angry then even Late MICHAEL JACKS0N will dance in lok dohori s0ng..........

"MäNéés ÑüÇlèùs Màd"
one day rajesh hamal found a man kissing his sister.then angrily he bit the guy in such a way that his 'falam ko haat' made the body of that man like a rubber who can bent his body anywhere.Today that man is known as 'ram dev'
rajesh dai creat a new e-mail ID.


hacker dies
virus cries
google shocked
computer blocked
rajesh dai rocks.
the source-code of facebook was stolen from rajesh dai's roughbook.
Mark Zukerberg, the founder of facebook is seriously injured. Guess why ?
Rajesh Hamal poked him through facebook.
Now there will be no end of the world on 2012 Coz Rajesh Dai just got tha laptop n it's warranty expires on 2014.

"Eddy Deps "
RAJESH dai can make the oni0n cry...........................

"MäNéés ÑüÇlèùs Màd"
Rajesh dai once kicked horse in its chin, then after its descendants are callled giraffe.

"Eddy Deps"
once Rajesh dai opened the business of small grocery store while he was in United states for his film shooting.......and left some manager to run it........thats what we call it WALMART today!!

"Eddy Deps"
When bin laden was about to die,he was asked that wat was his last wish.......
and he replied that he want to see RAJESH DAI winning a 0SCAR AWARD before he die.......................

"MäNéés ÑüÇlèùs Màd"
ek choti rajesh dai lai rajnikant le open open ring ma fight ko lagi challange gare6 ani rajesh dai ali dhilo aayera HAAIIIIIIIIIIIIII............ gardeko ta rajnikant ta thau ko thau faint ......

"Zigzagification Kisna Rimal"
Missing part eatten by Rajesh Dai..........
When RAJESH DAI crosses the street, the cars have to look both ways.
When US army attacked 0sama bin laden in his place where he hide,....he was watching RAJESH DAI'S M0VIE "DEUTAA"

"MäNéés ÑüÇlèùs Màd"
osama bin laden did not killed by US troops.
He got heart attack when he heard dat rajesh dai going to marriage.
Rajesh Dai has a lifetime contract of "Road Rollers" from Sadak Bibhag.He uses that as a "Body massaging" tool.

"Sudeep Devkota"
when rajesh dai was in school,
teachers used to bunk da class!!!
when rajesh dai joined facebook he recieved a nitification.
''facebook wants to be your friend.''
Once Rajesh Dai bought a huge land and build a well on each corner of the land,now Think why he did that??
>>>Coz it's our rajesh Dai,he want to play caramboard lol..

"Eddy Deps"
all scientists failed to answer dat but rajesh dai is da only one who answered it.

aakha bango sarir nango
rajesh dai ko chala
40 pani kati sakyo
janti kahile jala.....:))
rajesh dai lost his virginity before his dad…
rajesh dai eats transformer toys in vehicle mode and poos them out transformed into a robot.
1. Once Rajesh Dai, wrote his own autobiography- it's now called Guiness' World Records.

2. He lost his rough notebook when he was in high school- somebody found it and gave it a new name-"wikipedia."

3. He taught a guy to Speak English Fast when he was in high school-That guy name is 'Eminem' Now.
rajesh dai can take wicket of umpire
Rajesh dai once showed his middle finger to a girl, she got pregnant automatically.
When graham bell discovered telephone...... He got two missed calls from rajesh dai..!!
rajesh dai can smoke... Under the water
how does rajesh dai get his hair cut on the moon??
''eclipse it'
The Great Wall of China was originally created to keep rajesh dai out. It failed misserably.
Rajesh dai went to Japan left the mobile and when the phone rang, there was a earthquake.
rajesh dai doesnt wait for the bus, the bus waits for him.
Top of Form
hehe rajesh dai dont need a bus da bus need him
Teacher:wats half of 8?
Rajesh dai:It depends on the situation... if u half it vertically its 3 n if u half it horizontally its 0!

Dai ko agadi koi tikna sakdaina!!
y do alien come to our planet?
....bcoz to pay ransom money to rajesh dai, not to invade their planet!!!
u kno wat is da true story of dharhara how it builded?
Once ofter eating food rajesh dai was roaming around kathmandu during da walk he cleaned his teeth wid stone, n he pick one tooth n threw it away.....
And Today it is known as da dharhara!!
rajesh dai can drink rice

Rajesh dai ek din fight gardai thiye ekaek Rajesh daiko haat chumbak(magnet) ma ta siyo, kina tha cha, kina ki dusman haruko lagi ta Rajesh dai ko haat ta falam ho reni ta.
long time ago rajesh dai was sooo thirsty. so, he drink a sip of ocen water.
N wat, the place is ran out of water n now its called SAHARA DESERT!
once rajesh dai become DJ in party.
An alien landed at da party frm a near by galaxy n request. ''mero chora ko board exam cha ali bistaro bajaidinuna.''
Rajesh dai though leaning tower was tooth stick . One day he was angry and threw it and it landed on earth and became a tower.
new advertise of wai wai noodles!!

U can be a rajesh dai
if u regularly eat wai wai!!!
once sivaji came earth just to meet rajesh dai!

U kno why?
Bcoz sivaji got confuse when rajesh dai said ''hey sankar ho mero naam''
Rajesh dai studied MBBS, MD, MBA, Phd, etc.. when he was in LKG ! :)
Rajesh dai celebrated diwali only twice in his lifetime.
This two occasions are known as
'World War 1' & 'World War 2' !!
esterday spider man went to hospital for treatment.

Guess why??
Bcoz he got a ass kick by rajesh dai!!
Taleban & Al Qaida members have changed their prayers after Osama's unexpected elimination by America...
The new prayer, which they all must utter 5 times a day, goes like this: Yah Allah, Rajesh DAI ko Amrika ki Dushman banaade! :D (-SB)
one day sachintendulkar playing in ipl
-----baller:bratlee @ 253km/min threw the ball
--batsman:sachin got that ball in his right arm and he spoked out hilla meri haath
---owner of mumbai indian requested DAI please please play for mine team its a final match they needed 12 runs in 2 balls
--DAI:la la bat de(without wearing helmet pad nd guard)
--baller:bratllee @280/km
--crouds+commentator:looking this became silent and giving big ooooooooo
Ek choti Hamro Rajesh dai Lai "Roti" Khana Wakka lagera Mathi tira Faldeko aile to roti lai "Chandrama" bhanchan...............
Rajni to facebook- Wouldnt it be better if facebook had asked who is in your mind instead of whats in your mind???
Facebook- No, i know that rajesh dai is in everybody's mind......Mind it yenna rascala.
Swiss bank deposits their money by giving it to rajesh dai coz there is no one who could mess with him....bhujissshhhh
Computer agrees all of rajesh dai's term and conditions if he had to download any softwares......bhujissssshhhhh.
Rajesh dai never sees his watch........He decides what time is it.........
Gau Gau ka bachha haru lai tha bhayeko kahani:-
Euta American le Dai lai bhetna dai ko ghar gayechha.....Ani Dai le respectfully afno mommy daddy lai " O Baa Aama" bhanera bolako tyo american le sunechha.
Tes Pachi tyo American America aayera afno chora ko naam Obama k rakheko thiyo, aja tyo America ko President chha.
When 0rdinary people are shocked they says:- "0h my g0d!!!!!"
But when g0d is shocked he says:-
"Oh my RAjesh dai !!!!!"
Bichara saple osamalai dos din6an,rajes dai le paper ko plane banara udauda twin tower dhalya vanera ra rajes dailai matra thaha 6..
Why does Indian PM Manmohan Singh wear that turban round his head?
Coz DAI once told him, "Ma tero ek din tuppii uukhalchhu,

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